Monday, November 30, 2009

PTO Board

I would like to introduce you to the PTO board. A great group of volunteers who support Birch Meadow with their time and positive influence. From left to right: Kerri-Lee DeRusha, Samantha Weld, Jenn LeConti, Bryce LeConti, Julie Callahan, Liz Rogers, and Geoffrey Coram.

Birch Meadow 2009-2010 PTO Board

Kerri-Lee DeRusha, President. Kerri-Lee has been a member of the PTO Board since the ’05-’06 school year. She was secretary for 2 years before serving as president for the past 3 years. Her daughter Kathryn is a 4th grader, and her son, Andrew, is in 6th grade at Coolidge. When not at Birch Meadow or focusing on PTO, Kerri-Lee works as Management Program Analyst for the U.S. Department of Transportation. Kerri-Lee enjoys all events held by Birch Meadow, but most appreciates the incredible volunteerism provided by the Birch Meadow community.

Liz Rogers, Co-Vice President. Liz is in her 2nd year on the PTO board, having served as Secretary during the '08-'09 school year. She has two sons, Christopher (4th grade) and Michael (1st grade). Now that Liz's kids are both in school full day, she has lots of time and energy to devote to Birch Meadow! Her favorite school event is the Ice Cream Social/Kids Raffle, and favorite place in the school is the Library.

Jenn LeConti, Co-Vice President. Jenn is in her 3rd year as Vice President. She has three children in three different schools; Brianna in 7th, Devin in 5th, and Bryce in 3rd. Working on the PTO board has been a very enjoyable experience; her favorite event is the ice cream social/kids raffle.

Geoffrey Coram, Treasurer. Geoffrey is in his second year on the PTO board, and also serves as unofficial webmaster for the PTO section on EdLine. His daughters Megan and Anna are in 3rd and 1st grade, respectively. His real job is at Analog Devices in Wilmington, but he'd rather be at the Birch Meadow playground.

Samantha Weld, Secretary. Samantha is in her first year on the PTO board. She has three children Tommy (1st grade), Lucy (pre-school) and Charlie (at home!). Her favorite school event is Read Across America.

Julie Callahan, Enrichment/Field Trip Chair. Julie is in her third year as Birch Meadow’s enrichment/field trip coordinator. She has two children - Casey (4th grade) and Joe (2nd grade). Her favorite school event is ‘Author Day’.

Tony Vacca Assembly

Friday, November 13, 2009


The song below was presented by Mrs. Tewksbury's class during our all school assembly where we introduced our character trait of the month - "Responsibility". The 4th grade led us in the pledge, school song, and then introduced us to the theme of Responsibility.

As a follow-up to the assembly, classes will be reading and discussing the book Brave Irene by William Steig for the Culture and Climate Committee's "One School, One Book" idea.

Birch Meadow has a Climate & Culture Committee. The members of the committee decided to implement this "One School, One Book" idea for each of our monthly character themes. So, just as Fourth Grade has chosen 'Brave Irene', each grade level will choose a children's book that relates to the theme they are responsible for presenting at the assembly and the whole school will share it. The follow-up activity then is based around the book.

Each of the classes will go online to the following website: where students can hear the story read-aloud or teachers will read the book to their class. Classes discuss how Irene was not only brave, but also responsible in her choice of actions. The website also includes a downloadable activity guide.

Students will earn Birch Meadow Bears if they are observed showing responsibility at Birch Meadow. Parents are encouraged to look for their children showing responsibility at home and reward them with a bear. More bears will be sent home next week – be sure to write your child’s name and room number and the reason for the reward on the bear and return it to the office. We will display them in the lobby during Responsibility month.

Please see below for the video of the song written by Room 20 sung to the tune of “Turkey in the Straw” or as some of you might know it, “Do Your Ears Hang Low?”

“Be Responsible” Written by Room #20

SONG TITLE: Are you responsible?

Responsibility is the key
It's what's right for you and me
Do you pick up all your toys or
Do you drop them with some noise?
Is your homework in on time
If you don't then it's a crime!
Are you re-spon-si-ble?

Are you loyal and kind or
Are you stubborn do you whine?
Do you care for your friends,
Will you be there 'til the end?
Are you careful of the flu or
Do you sneeze and say "ACHOO!"
Are you re-spon-si-ble?

Do you eat a healthy snack,
Or is it junk food that you pack?
Do you run around and play
Or sit down and rest all day?
Make the bed, mow the lawn,
Are you lazy, do you yawn?
Are you re-spon-si-ible?

Do you give a neighbor a hand
Or forget to take a stand?
Account for your actions
So you don't get bad reactions.
It’s on YOU we must depend,
Follow the rules,
Don't let them bend.
Are you re-spon-si-ble?

Be responsible!