Monday, October 26, 2009

Harry Potter and the Museum of Science

I had the opportunity to attend a preview of the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science. It was a great event and the exhibit should not be missed by Harry Potter fans. While I was only allowed to take photos outside the exhibit, inside you can see scenes from the movies, various wands, Harry’s acceptance letter into school, a detention desk, Quidditch uniforms, Hagrid’s clothing and home, the great hall, school uniforms, and much more. Here are a few photos I took Friday night.

Spooky Fun Fair and Monster Mash

See the photo stories below of spooky fun fair and monster mash. Visit EdLine "principal photo stories" to see the video in a full screen format.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Respect at Birch Meadow

The fifth grade students introduced us to the our character trait of the month. This month we will focus on Respect. Students will earn Birch Meadow Bears if they are observed showing respect at Birch Meadow. Parents are encouraged to look for their children at home showing respect as well. Bears were sent home with your children a few weeks ago. Write your child's name, room number and what they did at home to show respect. Bring the completed bear to the office and we will display it in the school lobby.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Food Free Birthday Celebration Policy

Birch Meadow staff and members of the Birch Meadow Community have requested a consistent policy regarding the celebration of student birthdays. Please read below or visit EdLine "Birchie Notices" to see this new policy for all birthdays. Mr. Sprung will continue to award students a birthday pencil on their special day.

Birch Meadow Elementary School
Food-Free Birthday Celebration Policy

Birch Meadow Elementary School is committed to providing all students with a healthy and safe learning environment. Accordingly, we ask that staff and students adhere to the food-free birthday celebration policy described below.

In consideration of students’ health and safety, we request all school birthday celebrations to be food-free. We respectfully ask parents to refrain from sending in edible treats for their child’s birthday. We encourage the celebration and acknowledgement of birthdays with food-free alternatives. Parents, teachers, and students are invited to take advantage of birthdays to provide a safe, child-centered celebration that might include food-free gifts such as pencils, erasers, stickers, or a book donated to the classroom library in honor of a child. Please note that these alternatives are options and teachers or grade levels may have specific food-free requests. You are not required to purchase or send in anything on your child’s birthday.

We appreciate your help and understanding about this important health and safety matter. Please do not hesitate to speak with your child’s teacher, the nurse, or the principal if you have any questions.